What Clients Say

As a young successful ad exec stuck in corporate world, I needed help to focus and plan my escape which Bec delivered on.  She gave me the confidence to understand what my purpose and dreams were and why I was not happy… but that was just the beginning. Over the following months our weekly catch ups helped me stay on track with my start up, understand my emotions and how to better understand myself and my future clients… After 6 months I now run my own business, and I am a million times happier – I get to stay out of the city, enjoy life and travel more… None of this would have been possible without Bec and The You Project.

Mark M, January 2016

When I started working with Bec I had a vision for a business, but at that time I didn’t have the belief that I could really make it happen or the support to keep me pushing through regardless of my doubts. Bec has been instrumental in pushing me forward, helping me rationalise my fears and holding me accountable for the things I said I would do. She has been a regular dose of inspiration and support and has even helped me make some great new connections to help take my business to the world. I can’t say thank you enough!

Andy G,July 2016

I’ve absolutely loved working with Bec. I engaged her to help me with life in general, which has evolved into a focus on business planning. She’s got a no-nonsense attitude which is tempered by her friendly, warm nature. She’s very organised and detailed which helps when I’m not! Most importantly after we meet, I always feel reinvigorated, clear headed, and equipped with a plan to move forward. I will continue to work with Bec as a coach and mentor, and recommend her to any small business owner looking for active planning and guidance.

Lou Rice, December 2015

I originally contacted Bec to arrange coaching for my partner. After being impressed I decided to have a crack and book in a few sessions. I didn’t want to talk through my life and goals with someone who I couldn’t relate to – Bec understood my professional goals but also my social life and interests outside work. I needed help clarifying my thoughts and then being held accountable to my goals and I have met all of the goals I aimed to achieve within their time frame. I am really comfortable speaking to her about anything and she has provided some really simple, effective solutions for challenges I have never spoken to anyone else about.

Michael O, August 2016

Bec was a breath of fresh air for me. Being the person that people always go to for guidance, it was so nice to have someone to shoot the breeze with and to work through the daily work/life challenges. Bec has helped me gain clarity and priority which has helped me be more successful and balanced in my professional and personal life.

Giovanna, August, 2015

Bec’s agenda has helped me to clarify my thoughts considerably, and has assisted me to reassign importance to things in my life that actually mean the most to me. The changes that we have since made to my husband’s and my life have been profound. We have now decided to leave our jobs, our home and Australia, to travel and explore other cultures, skills and possible careers that will inspire us.

Nicola, March 2015

Being a traditional ‘closed book’ male I was apprehensive at best regarding the topic of coaching. Within my first sessions, Bec was able to tease open where I was at that point in my journey, what my vision of happiness looked like and the steps I needed to get there. Today over 16months later we have established what my fears are of achieving happiness and taking small steps to overcoming them. Bec makes me accountable for delivering agreed goals between sessions and regularly checks in for updates outside of sessions to make sure I’m focused. To put the above into a tangible result, today I own and run my own business, I’m not perfect by any means I’m still managing (with baby ‘Bec’ steps) to let go of the once needed corporate security and status. I’m a converted ‘open book’, we all need some guidance. Thank you Bec.

George, January 2016.

Approachable, warm and instantly likeable, Bec makes that first quite nerve-wracking session feel more like a chat with a friend. Despite worrying that I’d be closed and embarrassed, I found myself opening up and talking about things that I’d perhaps not even admitted to myself. Bec asks all the right questions without feeling intrusive or aggressive and helped me opened my eyes to what I wanted from life. Each session helped me set goals, be it something small for the next week or more of a big picture aim. At the end of each session I felt like I knew myself a little more than at the start and I felt excited about embarking on my journey.”

Di, October 2014

Through Bec I have learned how to …be more aware of limiting beliefs and how to stop them taking over, and overall how to deal with situations that life throws at you in a very different way. I feel more confident, driven and empowered in both my professional and personal life.

Emma Willox, Coreletics Training , July 2015

Bec’s biggest attribute for me is her ability to relate to each challenge I faced and take a very real approach to coaching me through a solution. Each session we discussed new topics that propelled me forward, leaving the session more motivated and clear as to where to direct my energy and my next business move.

Berleena Eberle, Health Coach, February 2016

Bec has a great way of providing direct and honest feedback in a constructive yet subtle way using only prescribed tools, techniques, as the situation requires and adapting what she does in a seamless and positive experience.

Richard, November 2015

Clever and insightful questioning, applying just enough “pressure” to make me realise I need to make some changes in my life.

Natalia, May 2015

The biggest change since coaching with Bec was to stop fighting with myself and going over and over the same loop tape in my brain, breathe, be open. Changing my physiology so I can be open to the big conversations, and not frightened.

Jane October 15

Bec is friendly, warm and really supportive. Challenging when needed. Persistent and driven to help people make changes in their lives. Easy going and relaxed in her approach.

Helen, August 15