Here are some of my favourite personal development reads, viewing and audio resources which I recommend to clients depending on their area of focus. They work well alongside coaching, providing inspiration and insightful ideas which we discuss along the way.


There’s nothing like a new personal development book to stretch your thinking. I started my journey at 17, reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and what better book to kick me off into adulthood. Here’s a collection of my favourite reads recommended to clients depending on their focus.


The You Project Guides

Everyone loves a free guide. The You Project guides are a collection of simple, straight forward guides with lifehacks, strategies and easy tips to start you off in the right direction. The Kickstarter Guide gives you a quick, straight forward plan to get you moving. It includes simple questions to get you thinking, tactics on … Continue reading The You Project Guides



Expand your mind on the go. There’s nothing better than stumbling across a thought provoking talk or enlightening interview. The ones that make you stop and think. They inspire us towards change. Check out The You Project collection of podcasts to brighten up any commute and videos to set you up for the day.