What happens when things just stay the same?

The You Project is for people like you: smart, innovative, successful people who want to be leaders in their own lives. And as those kinds of folk, we all know how great it feels to start something new. You’re so excited that you can’t wait to jump out of bed every morning.  You feel confident and focused, unstoppable.   But what happens when we get distracted or stuck in a loop of sameness? We’re so crazy busy or bogged down in routine we get frustrated and feel like we’re spinning round in circles.  

There is an alternative: as Henry Ford said If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. Now if that’s working for you and you’re happy with your results, that’s awesome! But if you have a nagging feeling that things could be even better, that’s where having your own performance coach, accountability partner and motivator comes in.

Through an ongoing strategic planning process, we build the foundation to reach your goals, remove the roadblocks and put a practical plan of action in place that continues long after our time together is complete.

Whatever the personal, career or wellness objectives you are working towards, The You Project can help you achieve them without the painful stops and starts inherent in going it alone.


Make no mistake, this is your journey and you need to drive the change. You’ll walk away from every coaching session with a refreshing insight or plan to advance your personal development and move closer to your ultimate vision.

A strengths based approach to performance coaching


Hi there, I’m Bec, owner of The You Project and a performance coach to clients across New Zealand, Australia and around the globe. I have studied personal development for over ten years and more recently trained as a coach with The Coaching Institute (Melbourne) and the Institute for Executive Coaching and Leadership (Sydney). With 16 years’ experience in corporate business including strategic marketing and communications for 3 global brands in Auckland and Sydney, I launched The You Project in 2014.

Inspired by companies like Zappos.com in the U.S. where in-house personal development coaches are part of the everyday, I have combined my knowledge and experience to develop coaching programmes for individuals both within and outside of their companies. 

Because all my clients already have areas that are working very well for them, I take a strengths-based approach to personal development and leadership coaching within businesses that builds on existing skills to solve problems.

If you’re looking for a coach who is practical, straight up, and supportive, has strategic marketing, business and coaching experience, and will hold you accountable, we should chat.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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