Being a traditional ‘closed book’ male I was apprehensive at best regarding the topic of coaching. Within my first sessions, Bec was able to tease open where I was at that point in my journey, what my vision of happiness looked like and the steps I needed to get there. Today over 16months later we have established what my fears are of achieving happiness and taking small steps to overcoming them. Bec makes me accountable for delivering agreed goals between sessions and regularly checks in for updates outside of sessions to make sure I’m focused. To put the above into a tangible result, today I own and run my own business, I’m not perfect by any means I’m still managing (with baby ‘Bec’ steps) to let go of the once needed corporate security and status. I’m a converted ‘open book’, we all need some guidance. Thank you Bec.

George, January 2016.

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