What to do when you have a shocker.

You know when you have one of those weekends when event after event seems to just keep knocking you sideways and you have an absolute shocker. I had one of those a few months back just after moving into my new pad.

It started at 530am on a Saturday fully pumped for a long road bike in the lycras with my mate which ended rather abruptly after a small uphill incident involving a lack of speed.

Next up, I had one of those ‘fabulous call centre calls’ to my new internet provider (TPG – FYI) who realized after my fourth call they don’t have my phone line turned on. At all.

Finding my inner chilled self, I headed off in excitement to F’kea (Ikea with an F for obvious reasons) in an attempt to buy some key purchases to ‘joosh’ up my place. Car full of stuff I didn’t ‘need’ I headed to a nursery for plants I didn’t ‘need’ when I started to notice my car brakes acting up. Ok, so the brake fluid light had come on earlier in the week but…you know how it is.

No, but actually, the brakes really weren’t working! I sketchily drove to VW via the motorway pumping the non-existent brakes, gliding across lanes liberally. When I rocked up to VW they mentioned their mechanical team wasn’t in on the weekends. When I referred to the service they had recently completed and that MY BRAKES DIDN’T WORK I recommended they have a another wee think about what they might do.

In my brand new family wagon I tootled off proud as punch at my assertion with the extra room for my F’kea key purchases. Back at my apartment building (aka Fort Knox) I started carting about 20 separate parcels into the lift and just as I transferred a final package the security swipe, plus ALL my house keys, fell out of my pocket and swiftly down the lift well. My iPhone promptly died. Of course.  I burst into some weird tears. And no, I had not yet cut a spare set of keys. Hpmh.

After getting all the Ikea essentials, bushy plants & crap back in the car (no the car key did not go down – imagine), a new iPhone charger, a very large vino,  crashing on my girlfriends couch, an aggressive walk to Bronte, a cheap locksmith ($99 on a Sunday!) who a friend suggest I needed to ‘find someone like’, it was whilst sunbathing at Bondi a key question finally came to me. What would MacGyver do in this situation? He would get a magnet. Be grateful

Mitre Ten Bondi –bless them, had a magnet rod with a torch on the end ($9.95). Best purchase in a long time. Back at the ranch elevator I tied two bikini straps to the magnet then dangled it down the lift shaft – and after three attempts boom! Keys retrieved.

So apart from not trusting TPG when they say you are ‘internet ready’, learning that a brake fluid light means you really should drive immediately to VW, getting spare keys cut pronto and obtaining a large ugly key ring what were my life lessons that weekend?

Thank you

It was all about gratitude.  Aside from being grateful for the hours of MacGyver viewing circa ’85/’86 I would not have survived without my urban family. Not only for physical help but emotional support to have a laugh at what had transpired & not lose the plot. I was also extremely grateful for having a roof over my head and a safe car (eventually) to drive. There’s nothing like not having something temporarily to remind you of how grateful you are.